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Guided HOA accounting and financial reporting

So your board can focus on being homeowners.

Financial guidance HOAs deserve.

Let's face it, property management is time consuming.

If your HOA isn't paying thousands of dollars for a management company, board members are stuck with budgeting, collecting assessments, contract management and taxes; that's a lot to ask.

Without the right tools or expertise, basic management needs can slip through the cracks.

For many who live in smaller condominiums, hiring a management company is costly and often ineffective.

When I couldn't find an easy to-use product that covered our HOA specific needs, I decided to build it myself.

The result is a guided approach to HOA management, focusing on the details property professionals care about, without asking you to become one yourself. Nestingbird helps preserve the value of your property while letting you focus on living your life.

I'm delighted with Nestingbird and I hope it helps.

A fellow condo-owner,

Features to save you time and effort

Track income and expenses

The first step: connect to your HOA bank account, import transactions and categorize as needed.

Automatic reporting

Financial reports are automatically sent to owners each month. If an owner decides to sell, we provide the documents needed to make it happen.

Build accurate budgets

Each year we'll build your budget, then remind you when it's time for the board to review.

File taxes with ease

When tax season rolls around, we'll use transaction data to accurately guide you through submitting your 1120-H to the IRS.

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